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U.S. Central Command (US CENTCOM)


U.S. Central Command (US CENTCOM)

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Client Overview and Challenge

US CENTCOM is one of nine unified commands in the Department of Defense (DoD). All DoD employees have Common Access Cards (CAC), which are required for network access on the Unclassified but Sensitive Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET). This works fine Continental United States (CONUS), but presents problems for PKIenabled applications working in high-latency /low bandwidth environments, such as systems used in theater. US CENTCOM required a joint framework to support those deployed within the Area of Responsibility (AOR).

InScope Approach and Solution

InScope created an architectural framework to address this problem using the current common technology including online certificate status protocol (OCSP), cached Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs), compressed CRLs and some newer proprietary technology including MiniCRLs.

As part of this effort, the team developed policy and technical guidance based on DOD standards including the DOD Architecture Framework. These policies were then used to deploy the following solutions into the Middle East.

  1. Wireless Accessibility into the Battlespace
  2. Tactical Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Common Access Card (CAC) Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Checking
  3. Tactial Global Address List (GAL) Synch
  4. Tactical Active Directory Implementation


As a result of this solution, the U.S. Military has realized significant cost savings and network service improvement in the command and with deployed forces.