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Dear friends and colleagues,

Thank you for visiting InScope International!  Whether you are a long-term customer or a first time visitor, our web presence has something to offer you.  InScope is a diversified services and solutions company, so chances are you have only been exposed to one or two facets of our business.  We’ve endeavored to capture all of InScope’s capabilities and objectives through text, graphics, and video throughout the site.  Take your time to discover all we have done and what we can do for you.

The marketplace for services and solutions is more crowded and noisy then ever.  It is very difficult for any firm to have their voice heard above the din of activity.   Rather than try to shout louder than everyone else, we take the approach of succinctly stating our unique value proposition and letting the results speak for themselves.

At InScope we believe that the traditional model of procurement-supplier engagements is outmoded.   This “two-party system” creates an inherent tension between buyer and seller as each entity seeks their own best interest, regardless of intent.   Instead, we promote mission-centric consulting as an innovative and effective approach to drive high ROI and high impact results.  Mission-centric consulting creates a deep client-advisor partnership built upon a foundation of shared purpose, objectives and goals.  We’d love to discuss this with you in more detail.

The initial challenges of the 21st Century are upon us – systemic financial instability, rising cyber-threats, asymmetric unconventional warfare and rapid changes in the health market.  These challenges are widespread.  InScope seeks clients, channels, and partners who are engaged in developing relevant, innovative, and impactful solutions to the global issues that affect us all.

We look forward to working with you to bring the future into focus.


Mike Bruce
Chairman and CEO
InScope International, Inc

Mike Bruce
Chairman and CEO



Mike Bruce: Chairman and CEO

Tom Martwinski: President and COO

Peggy Franklin: Vice President, Finance

Dawn Dumbeck: Vice President, Commercial

Jennifer Garst: Vice President, Federal