Industry Expertise

WING, Inc.


WING, Inc.


Client Overview and Challenge

Williams Information Network Group Inc. (WING) is an IT solutions firm that provides Software Development, Network Design, and Professional Real Estate Services. WING’s client, the State of Maryland, was upgrading its current medical records system to a new StarLIMS COTS solution. This required the development of a custom application to migrate records from the existing mainframe application, which stored records in the DB2 DBMS on an AS400, and converting the information to the StarLIMS COTS solution, which stored information in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

InScope Approach and Solutions

InScope determined the best approach was to export the AS400 DB2 records to ASCII formatted files and use SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and develop Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) routines. InScope performed in depth data analysis on the exported ASCII files and file definitions, designed and coded all the transformation mappings via Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, and developed load routines for the new system. This required building transformations for about two dozen file formats with annual archive files for the past 10+ years.


InScope provided a repeatable and documented conversion application that included substantial error handling and recovery routines. The application was easy to run and visually monitor the conversion process. The migration enabled the State of Maryland to shift existing medical records from its custom mainframe application to a COTS solution, ensuring 10+ years of medical history were available in the new application.

Technologies Applied

  • Microsoft® SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services